COVID-19 is a major business and market disruption. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, and cities and states impose social-distancing measures, businesses are sending their users home to work. This massive, unprecedented shift to distance working brings a whole new set of cyber-security challenges. The need to scale remote workforce solutions is a very real business problem, but haphazard platform adoption presents an equally serious security challenge.

A lack of IT resources can hurt many organizations as they move to enable remote strategies. When workers and students are sent outside the normal perimeter, managing device sprawl, and patching and securing hundreds of thousands of endpoints, becomes a much bigger challenge. Organizations are being forced to adapt to rapidly evolving security requirements.

First Consulting Inc. is combating this invisible enemy through vigilance, experience, determination and proactive security measures.

Our Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Team have developed a COVID-19 Cyber Threat Security Assessment specifically created to ensure your company assets, infrastructure and workforce are secure from catastrophic outages and lock-downs.

Our Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Team will provide the following services to ensure your infrastructure and workforce are safe from this threat.

  • Assess your infrastructure, remote workforce, environment, assets and locations.

  • Ensure Best Security Practices are being employed and followed by your IT Security team and remote workforce.

  • Threat scan and assess your internal and external systems for possible threats or security breaches that may be present or that can be exploited.

  • Audit the full scan findings for any exploits.

  • Provide a Cyber Threat Report of the findings, gaps and any threats or exploitations that were found.

  • Develop a Plan of Action & Milestones to correct and mitigate threats.

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Stay safe everyone.