• Government - First Consulting, Inc. and its strategic partners developed and manufactured a cockpit command and control interfaces as well as DC Motion Control drive electronics. These products are based on embedded microprocessors and software that are major components of a critical military aircraft subsystem. The components were developed and tested to stringent U.S. Navy requirements for software, and the capability to operate within extreme MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic interference and MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions.

  • International Manufacturer - Reviewed all DO-178B Level D documentation to support Level D assessment for a new product line for an international client; initially completed the regulatory requirements report; assessed the software development activities and software life cycle items.

  • Major Communications Provider - Assisted in the design, development, and verification activities associated with the development of software for transmitter and receiver RF communication radios to meet DO-178B Level B and Level D guidelines.

  • Aerospace Manufacturer - Assisted in all aspects of the software development process including planning, design, development, verification, management/coordination, configuration management, and quality assurance activities associated with the development of software to meet DO-178B Level A through Level D guidelines for both new development activities and enhancement/modification of pre-existing certified products.