Revenue Recovery

First Consulting Inc. has been active in the revenue recovery arena for several years with significant savings reported by our clients. We specialize in revenue recovery for Medicaid and similar programs (CHP,FHP) by providing a web-based application based totally on the transactions used to communicate with your State Department of Health.

Basically, it works like this:
  1. Upon engagement, our clients host nothing - no computer servers or hardware.
  2. The client's recovery analysts interact with the data from their desktop via secured web browser.
  3. The client provides us with all transactions (837,820, Supp, any aux files); we translate the transactions and load them to a relational database that drives the web application.
  4. The system can be adapted to track and report to the client's requirements, such as maternity kicks, missing payments, or denial management.
  5. While we process the client's volume of transactions, we also provide metrics that quantify their exposure to the CMS, in the event of a pending Medicaid RAC audit.  

We are flexible on how a client engages us - as purely an audit function (consider us a RAC working for your company), or as an ongoing resource to help the client's team with real-time transaction data. Typically there are no up-front costs to the client. We work on a contingency based on the savings we report.

For more information on how we can assist you on your project, please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.

“First Consulting provided the tools, resources and expertise to provide us a clear picture of the amount of revenue we were paying out to the state – and more importantly what we should be receiving for administering federally and state mandated programs.”
Vice President, HMO Medicaid Products

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