Change Management & Training Services

First Consulting, Inc. provides change management and training services to companies that are installing new computer systems or upgrading to a latest release. We have helped our clients – both small and large – with a smooth transition for their users by employing best practices. We start with initial user assessments, then we construct and conduct blended training programs that target their specific needs. Reference materials are made readily available, along with periodic refresher classes to provide a total Change Management program and to ensure the success of deploying the new technology.

 All of our change management engagements begin with client management discussions to develop a comprehensive understanding of the change management issues that will be faced by the organization and that will need to be addressed during the implementation.

 Our approach to designing a comprehensive change management and training program is predicated on core objectives that apply to any organization:

  • Business people need to be adequately trained to use new processes and system tools to perform their jobs.
  • Develop comprehensive role based training programs that will support all organizational users.
  • Effective training will allow users to:
    • understand new business processes.
    • understand their roles, and perform their jobs to support the new business processes.
    • navigate and execute transactions in the new system.
A critical success factor is measured by the successful transfer of knowledge and ownership to key business stakeholders.

The involvement of core team members and their level of competency with the new system will increase as the project progresses from initiation to development to deployment. These employees will be asked to help their colleagues with knowledge transfer during the training and implementation phases, and will continue to act as system champions after deployment.


When devising a training approach, it is important to look at all of the changes that are occurring in the organization. Users may be getting new workstations, new desktop applications, an updated network, etc. Along with the organizational and job changes, when the project hits the training phase it becomes real to people: “What do I have to do…?” First Consulting utilizes a simple training methodology based on proven educational concepts: 

Training Concept


Tell Me

Introduce new processes and procedures; points to work tasks

Show Me

Task execution; demonstration of system & data

Let Me

Hands on execution; repeatable exercises

Support Me

Knowledge transfer; reference materials; refresher training; Help Desk


First Consulting will work with your project team to design and develop a training plan that is comprehensive, executable and prepares people to do their jobs using the new system.

For more information on how we can assist you on your project, please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.


“As our organization moved from mainframe computers to client server technology I recognized that the effectiveness of our users in the new system would be the biggest barometer of our success. First Consulting came in with a detailed plan that included raising awareness of what the users could expect from the new system with a blended training approach to accommodate differences in how people learn to use technology.”

Chief Information Officer, mid-size US municipality

First Consulting, Inc. attracts, recruits and retains top professionals in their field.

First Consulting will provide proven senior level consultants capable of working as part of an integrated team or working independently to deliver the highest quality consulting support and system development.


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