Embedded Engineering

First Consulting Inc. employs software engineers with comprehensive knowledge of hardware and software design and extensive experience in embedded system engineering.First Consulting has significant experience in embedded engineering for medical devices, print devices, GPS and ARM microprocessors, which are often under strict FAA and FDA regulations.

We take great pride in offering the best people, tools, and methodologies in System Design, Communication Protocol Development, Device Driver Development, Real-time/Embedded Systems Integration, and Custom Development work.

Our embedded system specialties include:

  • Technical expertise - aviation instrumentation, machine control, vital train control, medical imaging, serial communications and wireless security transmitters, point of sale communications, robotics control, T1/E1/H1 10/ATM interfaces, Linux kernel/device driver development.
  • Process expertise–IEEE, FAA RTCA DO/178B Software Guidelines, and ISO 9001.
  • Compilers/Debuggers –GCC, GDB, DDD, Green Hills, Intel, Keil, Microsoft,  debuggers
  • Utilities and Tools – SVN, MKS, LabVIEW, in-circuit emulators, and Rational Rose.
  • Software development – object oriented (including UML) and structured analysis design withe experience in all phases of software development from requirements definition, system design, documentation, testing, and implementation.
  • Development Environments –Windows, Linux, Cygwin.

First Consulting software engineers are proven professionals who have assisted our clients through all phases of their development projects including defining architecture; system design; prototyping; process improvement; testing; implementation; and certification services.

 We offer specialized development services in the Avionics, Medical Devices and Rail Safety industries. The following are some examples of our project successes:

 Avionics Expertise

First Consulting and its strategic partners delivered cockpit command and control interfaces, and DC Motion Control drive electronics products based on embedded microprocessors and software that are major components of a critical military aircraft subsystem. These components have been developed and tested to stringent U.S. Navy requirements for software and its capability to operate within extreme MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic interference and MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions.

First Consulting developed a corporate software development process to enable our client to meet DO-178B Levels A-D guidelines. Our staff performed verification activities on a microprocessor-based line of aircraft panel engine instruments, then went on to rewrite instrument assembly language software in C and re-obtain DO-178B Level C certification. We also developed software for panel instrument portion of auto throttle system and performed verification activities for DO-178B Level C.

 First Consulting was responsible for the design, coding, testing, and verification activities associated with the development of software for a LAAS ground station radio to meet DO-178B Level B certification. In addition we participated in the design, code, test, and verification activities associated with the development of software for a multimode (ACARS/VDL Mode 2) VHF ground station data radio developed to DO-178B Level D standards.

First Consulting participated in the design, code, test, and verification activities associated with the development of software for a SCAT-II ground station radio to meet DO-178B Level B certification.

In addition, First Consulting completed a consulting engagement to review all DO-178B Level D documentation to support Level D certification of a new product line for an international client. First Consulting initially completed the Regulatory Requirements Report and was responsible for assessing the software development activities and software life cycle items. Our Consultant acted as a DER to help the client with other FAA issues.

First Consulting staff are experienced in guiding software development activities to meet FAA DO-178B Level A through Level D Certification Guidelines.

 Medical Devices Expertise

First Consulting was responsible for the system architecture, software design and development, verification and validation testing and configuration management for several blood analyzers. All development activities fully met the pertinent standards including FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Medical Devices.

A First Consultant was the technical lead and software engineer for the development of a client-side application that transfers data from blood analyzers to a remote server. Our consultant was responsible for all coding, design control documentation, and interdepartmental coordination. The project required the redesign of existing client software to accommodate a plug-in architecture for quick deployment onto dissimilar analyzers. The redesign also created classes to remove patient health information for European regulatory and HIPAA compliance. This application added international support for eight languages.

 First Consulting was the lead developer for a remote device management application that connects instrumentation and devices in the field to technical support. Our Consultants coordinated requirements from all departments; participated in software design specifications definition; developed the code; created test releases to V&V; and provided V&V test support.

A First Consultant was a member of project team providing design and development effort for a DICOM-based digital imaging solution targeting radiology applications.Work is performed using C# in a test-driven environment using nUnit automated test plans. Tasks included development of a web service for multi-cultural access to the data tier and development of several “plug-in” interfaces for the core desktop application. The engineering process included UML, code and design reviews.

 Rail Safety Expertise

A large transit company with a need to develop an automated train control system outsourced all real time embedded software engineering as well as some hardware tasks to First Consulting. Our Team consisted of 5 software engineers and a full time project manager. The Team was responsible for system design, software engineering, systems test and all documentation. A fully functional system was successfully demonstrated and delivered to the client on time and within budget.

First Consulting designed and developed software for safety critical micro-processor controlled applications. Four similar projects were developed that implement code generation for client products. Delivery included the design, implementation and documentation of vital techniques in the embedded software and vital serial link and the development of custom PC based toolsets that assist and verify the implementation.

First Consulting developed all software for a DSP based marker detection system for use on new subway cars. The system outputs a composite waveform to an antenna mounted on the car that determines the presence of different markers placed in the track. The system reliably detects foot-wide markers while traveling at 80 mph. Marker data is communicated to the car borne control system via an RS-485 interface. First Consulting was responsible for all software development, on-site installation, testing and documentation.

 For more information on how we can assist you on your project, please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.


 "The First Consultant engineer integrated the components we wanted to use and reduced development time and risk in the process."

Manager Quality Assurance, national manufacturer


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