Industry Expertise - Rail Transit

The First Consulting, Inc real-time embedded software engineers have a combined 55 years of rail industry experience. We provide knowledgeable consultants experienced in IEEE and CENELEC Standards.
Our consultants have excellent working knowledge of the latest standards prevalent throughout the industry and have assisted in projects around the world.
Domestic:  Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland/San Francisco, Northeast Corridor, and Washington DC
International:  Shanghai, Taipei, and Toronto

Our expertise includes:
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • GEHH Advanced Automatic Train Control (AATC)
  • Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Crossing Control
  • Application Tools
  • Locomotive Engine Simulator
  • Vital and Non-vital Software Development Services
  • Safety Assurance Techniques
    • Numerical Assurance
    • Checked Redundancy
    • Voting Schemes
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • Software development and testing
    • Software Audits
    • Software Validation
    • Unit testing; black box and white box testing

For more information on how we can assist you on your project, Please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.

"First Consulting Inc. is uniquely positioned to support software development and related activities in the rail/transit industry. "
President, global rail manufacturer

First Consulting, Inc. attracts, recruits and retains top professionals in their field.

First Consulting will provide proven senior level consultants capable of working as part of an integrated team or working independently to deliver the highest quality consulting support and system development.


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