Industry Expertise - Avionics

FAA/DO-178B Software
Experienced First Consultants have developed a systematic approach to the activities required for the development of high quality software. Our approach conforms to DO-178B guidelines and can be used as a referenced appendix to a formal project development plan.

DER Consultant on Staff
First Consulting employs an experienced DER (Designated Engineering Representative) certified consultant on our staff. Acting as an independent specialist the DER has the authority to sign off on your project as a representative of the FAA.

Industry Experience
  • Government - First Consulting Inc. and its strategic partners developed and manufactured a cockpit command and control interfaces and DC Motion Control drive electronics. These products are based on embedded microprocessors and software that are major components of a critical military aircraft subsystem. The components have been developed and tested to stringent U.S. Navy requirements for software and its capability to operate within extreme MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic interference and MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions.
  • International Manufacturer –Reviewed all DO-178B Level D documentation to support Level D assessment for a new product line for an international client; initially completed the Regulatory Requirements Report; assessed the software development activities and software life cycle items.
  • Major Communications Provider - Assisted in the design, development, and verification activities associated with the development of software for transmitter and receiver RF communication radios to meet DO-178B Level B and Level D guidelines.
  • Aerospace Manufacturer - Assisted in all aspects of the software development process including: planning, design, development, verification, management/coordination, configuration management and quality assurance activities associated with the development of software to meet DO-178B Level A through Level D guidelines for both new development activities and enhancement/modification of pre-existing certified products.

For more information on how we can assist you on your project, please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.

 "The experienced First Consultants have proven to be an important part of our project's success."
Vice President of Engineering, global aviation company

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